High School Graduation at DCA

The Requirements and Success Stories

In order to receive an accredited diploma through our Comprehensive Academic Program students must complete 8 semesters of high school even if they have met the following credit hour requirements:

English / Language Arts 4 units Literature (American, British, & World) integrated with grammar, usage and advanced composition.
Mathematics 4 units Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and one year of a more advanced math course.
Science 4 units Physical science with a lab, Biology with a lab, Chemistry with a lab, and one year of a more advanced science course.
History / Social Studies 4 units U.S. History, World History, .5 units of Government, .5 units of Economics, and one year of a another history course
Foreign Language 2 units Two consecutive years in the same language emphasizing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
Electives 7 units Including .5 units of Music Appreciation, 1 unit of Art History (2 semesters), .5 units of World View, and .5 units of Public Speaking. Physical Education is highly recommended due to some college entrance requirements.
TOTAL: 25 CREDIT UNITS One Carnegie unit is a full academic year of credit.  Elective class credit units are earned per semester depending on the difficulty of the class and outside class assignments.

Colleges and universities that our graduates have attended: