About Dacula Classical Academy

Our Comprehensive Academic Program approach and philosophical perspective

Through our Comprehensive Academic Program, we function as a teacher, motivator, goal setter, and evaluator of the student’s performance and achievement. Our staff endeavors to help students realize their maximum potential while acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to impact our world and culture through a biblical world view. Students attend academic classes two days a week and study independently at home with parental supervision. Parents are required to ensure that their children complete all homework assignments and are prepared for class. Our Fine Arts (TAPESTRY) Program offers our comprehensive academic students and home school students an opportunity to participate in a myriad of classes in all the fine arts.

Our Approach

Dacula Classical Academy utilizes the classical method of instruction in our approach to education. Students develop in cognitive stages: concrete, analytical and abstract. Our educational approach corresponds with these stages by utilizing the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric styles of teaching, respectively. In the elementary and middle stage of education we rely on the Charlotte Mason model of narration, memorization, picture study, and sketching. We also study classical literature and emphasize music, arts and crafts. In the high school years, we continue to employ methods used in the concrete and analytical stages while adding emphasis on formal logic and skillful communication in both written and verbal forms. This provides students with a strong knowledge base, godly wisdom, and valuable communication skills for impacting our world.

Philosophical Perspective

Families are the foundational unit of our society, and parents have been entrusted by God with the development of their children in all areas of their lives: social, spiritual, and academic. While God makes this responsibility very clear, He advises us to seek Him first and then godly counsel from knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals. DCA has formed a staff of God fearing, experienced teachers and staff who offer their talents, gifts, and expertise so that your child can excel academically and socially. We teach from a strong Christian world view.

Becoming a DCA Student

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